Monday, February 20, 2017

4 Library Blogs; 2007 to 2017

Last Blog Post!

We’ve published four blogs since 2007 at Palm Beach State College Library-Lake Worth campus!  These posts covered instructional events, lib guides, library history, college history & archives, campus art, book reviews, news & events and more! 

We shared all the ups and downs of implementing our iPads, Kindles, Nooks & eDevices in the early years of the new technology at that time, [2009]. We also covered the numerous Professional Teaching & Learning Center's workshops and presentations in our Gallery. 

The variety of library blogs helped students, faculty and staff become familiar with the Library Learning Resource Center, LLRC.  Students could monitor activities and events online and have the opportunity to attend these events. They would let us know their thoughts about various activities and they also shared their ideas with us.

Our Librarian/Associate Professors and Library Technicians have been posting news and other useful information on our other library Social Media sites including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is a great way to keep in touch with all library related information.

Click the links below to see our past blogs for a real treat and then visit our up-to-date Social Media sites for all current information and library services, including our daily hours and weekly events.

1st blog

September 2007 to April 2009
Library Matters; to be informed about Library Matters
because the library matters 
Palm Beach Community College

Published by 
Librarian/Associate Professor 
Estaline Rogers

2nd blog

September 2007 to September 2013
Bookmark @the Library Features, Reviews,
Book Talk and more…

Published by Librarian/Associate Professor 
Connie Tuisku

Staff Contributors:
Rebecca Harris 
Library Assistant

Nita Johnson
Library Technician
Colleen Shaffer 
Library Technician

3rd blog

January 2009 to September 2014
iPads, Kindles and Beyond @Palm Beach
State College on LW Campus
 Digital e-Readers in a college library setting

Published by Library Technician 
Colleen Shaffer

4th blog

Began posting in October 2010 as Library Stuff 
@Palm Beach State College-Lake Worth Campus

Merged into Library News and Events 
a few years later...
Last post - February 2017
Library Stuff at Palm Beach State College
@Lake Worth Campus 
Published by Library Technician 
Colleen Shaffer

Visit our vibrant and informative Social Media sites below for all current information and library services, including our daily hours and weekly events!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Highlights of Fall 2016: Fun and Educational Events in our Library

August 1st, 2016 
New LLRC Director Rob Krull

Jill Saracino, New Librarian/Associate Professor 
Janet Naughton
New Librarian/Associate Professor

Robbie  Allen
Librarian/Associate Professor
Takes a Lead in Public Services!

Welcome 2016/2017 Students, Faculty and Staff

Presentation by Penny Brown
Interlibrary Loan/Archive Technician
Library Professional Day: Educational and Fun!

Library 50th Anniversary!

History of the Palm Beach State College Library
Web link coming soon!


PTLC events in the Gallery - Library-2nd floor
“Here's the Scoop” with Lyam Christopher
 “Super-Powered Study Strategies”  

Back-to-Back 20-Minute Events

Professor Trish Froehlich and
Dr. Matt Klauza

Professor Froehlich

Dr. Matt Klauza

Back-to-Back 20-Minute Events 
“Multimodal Essays:
Making Meaning in a Modern Age”

 "Why Exams are Overrated;Active Learning Instead of Memorization
and Lecture”

Elizabeth Wilber

Bridgit Stoffer

Constitution Week!


Hispanic Heritage Month and Art Exhibit
Opened Sept. 26-Library Gallery

Elizabeth Erazo Baez – Puerto Rico
Jorge Grosso – Columbia

Gustavo EscobarVenezuela


3rd floor Hispanic Heritage Month
bulletin board and book display

Due to Hurricane Matthew the October 6th Art Exhibit reception was postponed. 

PTLC Events: “Here’s the Scoop”!  

Guest Presenters: 
Mara Abrams
 Barbie Edgar
Lana Findley
Joseph Pick
David Simms 

and Dave Wells
Target audience: Faculty, Staff, and Admin

Presented by Jelicia Kirk 
“See Through My Eyes”
Gallery – Library 

New PBSC Student Book Club
Jill Saracino, Librarian/Associate Professor,
implemented a NEW student book club.
Titles are added to our Kindle Fire devices for students to borrow.
 1st book: Thirteen Reasons Why 
by Jay Asher
2nd book: Light Between the Oceans 
by M. L. Stedman
Read it, talk about it, before you see the movie!

Cosponsored with the Counseling Center, 
the library held a de-stress coloring and
motivational poster event in the Gallery-Library. 

Hispanic Heritage Month Art Exhibit

Reception - Oct. 27th

Library - Gallery


PTLC Event Retention and Completion:
Meeting Goals through Career and Advising

Birds in Florida Art Exhibit  and
Reception for Artist Lauren VanArman


Students, faculty and staff de-stress with Kol, the therapy dog!

Nicole and Hector were on the 2nd floor of the library
 this month working on a
 diversity project for Professor Demauro's 
SLS-1501 class.


Something New!
Final Exam week we stayed OPEN until 10pm!

Photos from PBSC Holiday Party


We hope you enjoyed our review of Fall Term 2016!